Friday, 29 April 2011

TT3D Closer to the Edge

Back to work with a bang on Tuesday. Hit the ground running and busy busy. Nice to start with 2 short weeks. First one 3 days and then 4 days.Had our first Tuesday night dancing club which was good. Wednesday night pub quiz didn't go so well but I got minor tiddly and was good entertainment according to hubby.
Thursday night is Tribal night. Few more there this week which is great. More shimmy practise and turning with shimmy. Went straight from there to cinema to see TT3D. Boys went Tuesday to Lakeside to see it and all enjoyed it. I was going on my own but DD got her shift covered and came with me. Wasn't sure that she would enjoy it but the film is actually more about the characters than the race itself. Some wonderfully funny and some very poignant moments. Guy Martin has been a hero for some time and although not perfect (who is ?) I still think he is great and just the kind of character that you need in the sport. Few bits of stomach churning action. Conor Cummins accident being one. Don't know how he survived that one. Makes it all the more amazing to see him back on a bike again at Brands last weekend. Also didn't realise that Hutchinson had been so badly injured just a short while after being the first man to win 5 TT's in a week. Made me all the more determined to get over to the island. Not for the TT as work prevents that but could go for the Manx this year as dates line up. Phil is seeing if he can get the time off and if he can I may be booking the flight and grovelling to Gary for a bed.
Extra day off as it appears that there is a wedding on. Not that interested but happy to take the day.
Planning breakfast out over the weekend and hopefully a new computer courtesy of DS. Phils help may be required as SIL has taking up remote control car banger racing and since DS was a world champion remote control car racer a few years back (not bangers) he does have a little expertise in this area.

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