Monday, 26 May 2008

Rainy Bank Holiday

Yes true to form the British weather has delivered us a horrid ,wet and windy Bank Holiday.Not too bothered myself as I had not got anything planned.Keep getting told off because I don't blog often enough but I do lead a boring life so what's to write about.
What have I been doing lately.
Trying to look after hubby while he tackles tiling the utility room.Copious cups of tea required there.
Looking after my boy after minor op.
Missing my cat much more than I thought I would.
Making some hairbands.
Trying to get to grips with zipped pouches.Still can't get the zip right.

Decided that I could blog about an etsy shop that I have recently discovered.
A true treasure trove of little charmers.Definitely on my wish list and in my favourites.This little bird in particular
So adorable.And her shop is full of these.As soon as paypal manages to credit my account with the money it is hanging on to this is going straight in my shopping cart.It makes me so wish that I had some artistic ability.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Theoretically since I am currently unemployed I should blog more often.Doesn't always work like that though.I am coming to think that I am one of those people that get more done if they are busy anyway.Only taken me 50 years to realise this.Sometimes a day goes past and I think 'what have I done today' and I can't really think of anything apart from the washing cooking etc that I do everyday.
So what have I done today.
Mowed the lawn,front and back.Bit of weeding.Food shopping.Made lunch.Hung out washing.
Thats so far. Now I would really like to make a bit of an effort for Tuesday Rawks as it's punk/emo/goth today. I loved punk and goth still do actually.Emo was a bit after my time.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Sadness and Joy

Been a mixture of these over the past few days.I find the rollercoaster of emotions, that life can be sometimes, very difficult. I am a rut person really, change does not suit me.I have also been in quite a reflective mood which is never good for me.
Our eldest cat ,Eric,died on Saturday.It wasn't completely unexpected as we had noticed his decline over recent weeks.We think he could have had a stroke.Came back from shopping and noticed that he was not right and within a few hours he had gone.I love my cats but I am not overly sentimental about them.It has just made me think a lot about loss.Big things and small things.Sometimes I find the small things affect me more than the big.
I am missing my Mum and my granddaughter.
I miss my youth.
I miss having energy
Sunday we went to the resheduled BSB meeting at Brands Hatch.Glorious weather in fact to hot for me.Great racing.Good fun.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Bakey cakeyness

Can you believe it the weather has actually been great this weekend and although we did not go far we have enjoyed a couple of little trips out on the bike.Just does so much for my spirits to get out on that thing it is just so much fun.
In the true spirit of the UK etsy thread I baked a cake.Little story behind it.Mr S and I were chatting and he said he fancied a coconut cake.I reminded him of the coconut cake that I used to cook years ago.So while he was at work on Sunday I whizzed to Asdas and got the ingredients to make it.He was chuffed to bits.Here's the recipe for those interested

Wholemeal Coconut Cake

8oz wholemeal self raising flour
4oz butter or marge
3oz soft brown or caster sugar
4oz coconut
1 beaten egg
5fl oz milk

Heat the oven to gas mark 4 180deg
Line a 7inch round cake tin
Rub together the flour and butter(or marge) stir in the sugar and coconut
Mix the egg with the milk
Add this to the dry mix
Bake approx 1 hour

Its quite a dry cake but we like it.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

May Bank Holiday Weekend

Although its a bank holiday weekend MrS is at work.Well you all need electricity.He has got quite a lot of time off soon so we are hoping to make great strides in the utility room.But then if the weather is good there is a Ducati to be ridden.
What have I been doing this week.Joined Gardening 365 on flickr.I resisited at first because my gardening efforts usually fizzle out with my waning enthusiasm but I figured that if I took part it may spur me on.For those that don't know the 365 groups involve taken a picture every day for a year(365 days)In this case of your garden or gardening efforts.Since MrS has become more involved in the cooking at home he is quite keen.We are concentrating on herbs and salad leaf as we can grow these in pots and we don't want to open up any beds at the moment.
Still trying to get brooches made of Kala's cats but its proving harder than you might think.
Was going to go to an exhibition this weekend but looking at the map it was about an hours drive away and I would be going on my own so decided against it.
I am however going to a craft fair tomorrow as my friend libertybelle is doing her first one at Runwell village hall.
I am having major sort out in sewing room as I have decided that my chaos is not helping the creative juices.Well we shall see.