Monday, 25 April 2011

Brands Hatch Weekend

Our friend from the Isle of Man, Gary, had got us free passes for the BSB at Brands this weekend. We had decided to only go for Sunday and Monday. Yesterday we parked ourselves near the exit to Clearways but got so hot that we moved round to the entry side which had some shade. Today we got there early to be able to park our chairs on the fence for the best view. Certainly got that but the breeze didn't let up all day and we were actually quite cold. However the racing was excellent with wins in the BSB class to Shane Byrne and Tommy Hill. We were very pleased to have a local winner with Danny Buchan taking a hard fought win in the Superstock 1000. He was listed as living in Basildon but the commentator said he was from Maldon. He is only 17 and beat the likes of John McGuinness and Connor  Cummins, both road race legends.
Face is feeling a little tight so may have got a bit burned or could just be wind damage!
Queued for about an hour to get out of the car park today so not too bad.Waved Gary on his way.
Must seriously do something about going over to visit him. Maybe when the Manx GP is on ??

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