Thursday, 21 May 2009

Janet Bolton Workshop

Had a wonderful time on Saturday at a workshop, organised by Embroiderers Guild, with Janet Bolton. I am an admirer of her work and have been for many years. She was very generous with her knowledge and techniques and although some of us didn't get very far I am sure we were all inspired. Unusually for me I came away with more ideas for development.
On Monday night it was our EG branch meeting and we were very entertained by the wonderful Kim Thittichai. Margaret and I went down to Hove earlier this year to do a workshop with Kim and had a great time. Very talented lady.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Mum and babies

Mum and babies
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These just appeared in our back garden the other day. Don't know where they came from. It put us in a bit of a flap as she couldn't get out of the back garden and the road is in the front. Eventually we guided her and babies out of the front and down the road. She seemed quite purposeful as if she knew where she was going so in the end we just let her.I do hope they are all ok. Someone commented on flickr that there have been reports of large broods this year. I think 11 is enough!