Monday, 26 October 2009

Half Term

Yes it's that time already. Bit scary as this is the last break before Christmas. I suppose I should be thinking about getting started on the christmas shopping. Few things lined up for the week. Car in for service this morning. Bank account says ouch.
Tomorrow we are hoping to have a day in London but don't hold your breath. So often we plan these days out and then don't get there. All seems too much aggravation somehow. Maybe we will make it this time. Planning on Camden Market as everyone says I would love it and I have never been.
Later in the week meeting up with Arty and then have a workshop on Saturday which is the second of three with Janet Goddard where we are making a Japanese style quilt. Have some homework on that to catch up with so some time will be spent on that this week. Also have to sort and tidy my sewing room as I am soon moving into my son's old bedroom. This job could take me til past Christmas it's in such a mess.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday Sunday

Busy day out in the garden getting on with jobs that need doing before son's wedding next June.
Evening reception is in a marquee in our garden so we need to get the outside all sorted.
Got loads done as son and fiancee came over to help. Fuel was bacon rolls and then later beef stew and dumplings.All I want to do now is sleep but hubby has gone to see his mum and we haven't watched the MotoGP yet although I do know the result.Alas not a win for Rossi he was second but the good news , for Rossi and his fans, is that Lorenzo didn't finish.
Work tomorrow but next week is half term and hopefully have a few things planned

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Knitting and Stitching

Had a very relaxing day out at the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally on Saturday.
Good coach journey up and there, nice and early so parked really close to the building.
Nice slow wander round with good company (thanks to Anne for that) Bit of retail therapy but not so much that I felt guilty. No research to do so no stress there.Bumped into my City and Guilds tutor Julie on the EAST stand.Some really interesting work there.
Also bumped into an old friend and her daughter who I haven't seen for a while so that was good.
All in all a good day.

Friday, 9 October 2009


Those that know me or have read any of my blog will know that motorbikes play a huge part in our lives. We enjoy riding them and watching them race. We have a Ducati 996 which I adore. Ducati's have been my dream bike for many years and I finally got my wish when we bought one.
Had to wait a bit til the marque we wanted was cheap enough for us to afford. Was a bit peeved when hubby highsided it earlier this year but it's all mended now. Missed some riding time but never mind.
But that is not the only bike we own.We also have a 60's Triton racer. A beautiful machine well developed and appointed. Hubby did some parading on it a few years back but what with moving house and then Mum being ill and passing away it went on the back burner. Although we have a load of work to do on the house and garden before Peter's wedding next year it is time to pay the old girl some attention and hubby is going to rebuild her and make her all beautiful again.
He may race her but is more interested in trying out Sprinting and in particular Twisty Sprints.
In the interest of research we went along to a VMCC sprint nr Aldershot. It was a much smaller event than I had anticpated and I was very glad that I packed a picnic.

One of hubby's favourite bikes was there. This bike is a thing of beauty,
Also this great car turned up.I think they were racing them nearby as we could hear the noise.

On the creative front nothing much happening. No great ideas and actually that's not bothering me at the moment. I am having one of my paranoid spells where I don't feel that I fit in anywhere,am being left behind and excluded by everyone. But as I said that's just my paranoia. I am still planning on moving my sewing room into what was my son's bedroom which will give me much more space.Well surface area anyway. Maybe this will spark something off.
I am going to man a stall at a Handmade fair in Leigh on Sea on 21st November and will be promoting handmade and etsy and hopefully selling some of my own and other peoples wares.
Tomorrow I am going to the knitting and stitching show at Ally Pally so a bit of retail therapy there.
Next weekend we are hoping to have a day in Brighton with our son and his fiancee. Always good fun and she is great to shop with.