Sunday, 11 May 2014

What I have been doing

Not much blogging thats for sure.
Late August saw us take another trip to the Isle of Man , a place we continue to be enamoured with. Lots of classic bikes ! Just our thing. One of my highlights has to be seeing Phil out on track at Jurby . Many thanks to Gary Lark and Jane South. Phil so enjoyed taking the Triumph Triple out that the grin remained on his face for many hours. Whilst out on the Benelli he got blasted by Micheal Dunlop on the Molnar Manx A real experience for him.

Micheal Dunlop and Me

I did quite well on my list of men in leathers that I wanted a photo of.

Conor Cummins

Conor was riding a Dunnell Manx which was of particular interest to us as we own a Dunnell Triton
Cameron Donald

My favourite was Cameron Donald who was absolutely charming.
Bruce Anstey

Bruce was as laid back as he has always appeared on the TV coverage of the TT. I guess this was slightly more relaxed than the TT.

As we had our car with us this time we were able to get about a bit more without having to trouble Gary.
Going back again in 2014 for the Classic  although not quite sure where we will be staying as Gary has sold his house.