Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Last few days

Last few days of the school holidays and I seem to be mega busy and really wondering where the weeks have gone.
Monday was Bluewater and the wedding dress. Yes we had a few tears. I think they were relief!
Tuesday was final meeting at the wedding venue.I was just moral support for this one. These people know what they are doing so any questions Jenny and Jake had there was an instant answer.
Wednesday Dengie craft group for the last time this summer as when I am working I can't make it. Then rushed back home as we had guys in mending the roof and hubby had to leave for work.
I have a quilt spread out in the front room to mark and tack up ready for quilting. After discussion with Margaret this morning I think I know what I am doing with the quilting design.(simple!)
I have another on my sewing table which I thought was ready for layering up but after looking at it again it needs borders.
I have decided to do major finishing off, from now on, before I start anything new. I know this has been said many times before but I think I mean it this time.
Margaret and I had a bit more discussion about entering a quilt show maybe this will be the year ,well next year really
Tomorrow is lunch with girls from work. 2 birthdays. Then on to Barleylands for coffee with some South Green ex colleagues. Must remember to pick up some pink quilting thread while I am there.
Saturday is cooking and prep for Natz baby shower Sunday is the Baby shower and then Plazma bar for The Beagles in the evening.

I need a quiet day!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Festival of Quilts NEC

Margaret and I went to Birmingham yesterday to the Festival of Quilts which is the biggest quilt show in the country. Drive went OK so that was a good start.
Lots of wonderful work to look at and as always lots of wonderful trade stands to spend money on.
I wish it was easy and cheap to go for 2 days as to try and do it all in one is too much. I get to the glazed over stage at about 3.00pm
And there is always that moment at the end of the day when you want to go back and get something but can't quite remember which stall you saw it on and indeed where that stall is! Thank goodness for Margaret's excellent recall and sense of direction or I would still be wandering round aimlessly looking for Ormaline.
Saw Nickie's  two pieces that both looked splendid. One got a highly commended which is high praise I thought as I considered that the standard was very high this year.
Only took one photo. Despite all the brilliant work around, the best thing there was this lady

This is Kirsty one of my etsy friends. I have met Kirsty for the last 2 years at the UK etsy retreat in York which sadly did not happen this year.

So I have a few new bits to play with and an entry form for next year. Every time we go Margaret and I say that we really should enter something. Problem is I never finish anything and seem to have run out of inspiration,talent etc etc etc.

Wedding Prep Take 2

More wedding preparation for daughter's big day. Obviously can't say too much or show too many pics or it will spoil things.
We had the bridesmaids over for dress try on and discussions about hair and make up. I must say they were all very amenable and cooperative.
I did some food and we had cocktails.
Considering I don't really drink  I managed 4 quite easily and didn't feel too awful the next day

Friday, 13 August 2010

Family Tree

Been visiting my cousin Donna for her to help me get started on my family tree. She has done sterling work on Mum's side and with the collaboration of others has got back to some ridiculously early date like 480 or something. Lots of royalty linked up both here and in France.All very interesting stuff.
I am going to start on the Pickard line. A second cousin has apparently got some way so will be contacting him.
We spent some hours today getting started and I left with more questions than answers. I have a feeling that this is par for the course in this hobby.
I have been warned that it could take over my life
Well we will see

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tuesday 10th August

2 months to the next wedding and today has been spent making hair and beauty appointments and preparing favors for the day.
No photos so it's all a surprise for the guests.
I now need a massage as I have been hunched over the kitchen table wrapping and tying.

Monday, 9 August 2010


Have just got back from a couple of days in Yorkshire with Phil's brother and his wife.
Main purpose of visit was to reconnect with a cousin of Phil's that we haven't seen for nearly thirty or so years.
Had a very pleasent evening catching up with a nice meal and all agreed that we shouldn't leave it that long til the next time.
Managed a quick whip round the Castle Museum. Also a visit to the Railway Museum. (= a happy Phil) and on the way home detoured via Birmingham and visited the Motorbike Museum (= a happy Tony and Phil, and me actually)
Phil and I agreed that we need another trip up to have our ride on the North York Moors steam railway and to visit the Quilt Museum
No photos taken in York  but here is one of the lovely flowers that Phils cousin and wife sent us.



Most recent stage of the RRC was to make the piece of fabric into a vessel.
Found this stage the hardest so far.
Inspiration out of the window.
The fabric I had to work with is the piece that is based on Europe and was originally Nickie's (I think)


Have now passed this on to Margaret for embellishing.
I haven't recieved my piece for the next stage. Think it should be the one based on the Americas