Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Have been meaning for some time to take a trip down to Tollesbury. Ever since it featured on the TV Restoration programme. Since one of our current favourite things to do is to have breakfast out we decided to call in at the Heybridge Basin for breakfast at the Lock.
Went there recently with the kids and breakfast was good. Well they say that it is waitress service which would have been good if we had got it but people were coming in from outside and ordering at the counter and we got ignored ,so we left.
Tootled on down to Tollesbury and parked near the industrial estate. You have to go through the estate to get to the Marina. There was a little cafe there and by this time we were ravenous. Those of you that know my husband will realise that this is a dangerous state to be in. He had a full English I just had toast. He said the breakfast was one of the best he had ever had and it was all excellent value for money. We were watching the chef there and he was taking great care over everything. So we recommend this little cafe if ever in Tollesbury.There is also a cracking little bakery in the village too.
After a little light food shopping we ( we meaning mainly Phil) tackled weeding the patio. Then pub quiz time. Didn't do very well this week. Looking forward to tomorrow as I have some friends coming over to make tribal bras.
I  think I lead a healthily varied life


dianehobbit said...

Men just love a full English! Looking forward to the photos of the bras. Had real fun decorating bras for the Moonwalk breast cancer walk.

Libertybelle said...

Good to see you back! Your visit to Tollesbury sounde good- I must go sometime!