Monday, 30 June 2008

Monday June 30th

June nearly over and done with.
Have joined a new flickr group called day2day Take Five Ordinary Beauty
Take a 5 pictures of ordinary things.Try to see beauty everywhere and improve your photography skills.My first series of photos(Only 4 of them) is of clocks.
The cat clock was our Christmas present to each other.Hubby spotted it and took me to see it thinking that I would not like it but I did so we bought it.Hopeless for telling the time but a bit of fun nevertheless. The old clock was my Greatgrandmother's and family legend says that her first husband bought it for her out of his wages on his first harvest.My family were all either farm labourers or in service.All really poor.Great Gran was born in Maldon workhouse as her mother was not married.She did manage to keep the baby. However when Great Gran found out she was illegitimate she tore up her birth certificate so we never knew who her mother was. My cousin has been researching the family tree and after much searching ,tearing of hair and knashing of teeth has tracked her down.There were other children also born 'out of wedlock'
She was a great character my Great Gran and lived to 98. I often ponder on the tremendous changes she saw in her lifetime coming from an age where the poor did not have electricity or running water,no cars or free health care.We live in a very priviledged age

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Saturday 28th June

Allthosethrees,myaphrodite,artyallsorts and Charlottenarunsky
Yumtatious,abibansaldesign,charlotte and arty
Abi,myaphrodite,pinkangel and allthosethrees
Clothcat and Angharad

Again a big gap in my blogging.Smacked wrist for me.So whats been going on.Much research into washing machines and tumble dryers as we need to buy them for the utility room. This research now includes dish washers as ours decide to break.
Went to the Wemake craft fair in London,with Artyallsorts. So wonderful to see so many etsians together. Some I had met before, Clothcat,Angharad,Daintyprettythings, and Lovealittle. But also so many that I had not met like Greygoat,Madebycara,Momentsbymartha,Stitchywoowoo,millimoomi (and baby)Lazygiraffe,Thebirch tree, and Creamrose to name some(but not all) also loads of non stall holders that came to support including abibansaldesign who should have had a prize for travelling the furtherest as she had come up from Devon for the day. Much chat and laughing! Decmamped to a pub in Covent Garden for Pimms and more chat with arty,Allthosethrees,myaphrdite,yumtatious,kankalin,and pinkangel.Got home in one piece though!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday 13th June

Passport Cover
Hairbands soon to be listed

Uneasy day on UK etsy thread.I'll say no more.
Had a brief run out on the bike to get petrol. ( while we still could)As hubby works in a power station he should always be OK to get it but you never know.Last time there was a strike/blockade he had a letter to present at petrol stations saying he was an essential worker or something.
Have just got round to taking some photos of things I have had made for a while and just haven't got round to listing on etsy
My resolution for next week is to start applying for jobs.I have had a nice break and its been great but really must get back into the swing.
Confidence not at it's highest though especially since trawling through loads of jobs on the web and honestly not seeing one that I thought I could apply for.My qualifications ,such as they are,probably need updating and I am up for that. I do pick things up pretty quickly but feel that my age is now against me.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Dengie Craft Group

Learnt how to do Broomstick crochet today.Not sure what you would use it for but it would make good scarves.Had a good laugh anyway.Still battling to get my swap items finished for the etsy May Swap.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Monday June 9th

Glorious day today, bit too hot for me though.Haven't managed to set foot in my sewing room today.Hubby is off tomorrow so we may go out somewhere as it looks like the weather is set fair.
Probably will spend half the morning debating where to go and then deciding its too late to go out anyway. Decisions are not something I am very good at.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Been Nagged Again

Grungie Granny

Space The Final Frontier

Nagged again that I have not posted on my blog recently.Yes you know who you are!
So what have I been up to.
Went to the dentist with toothache.Said it was my gums not my teeth.
Written my CV which means I am slowly getting round to looking for a new job.
Managed an entry to the etsy uk challenge for May which was space.(finished third)
Pieced a small scrap quilt (Will I ever finish it?)
Attended a super workshop and made a grungie granny.