Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Barefoot Goddess Festival

Some friends came over for lunch today to make some plans for the weekend as we are all going to The Barefoot Goddess Festival. Some have been before but it is the first time for me. I need to get my head round what I need to get ready but I am really starting to look forward to it.
I have bought a flag pole and a pirate flag to fly at our camp as there will be a few of us and I think that a flag is vital. I shall probably forget other important stuff like a kettle etc.
There are so many activities to choose from and I am not sure that I have the stamina for all those I have planned but I will try. I also plan on taking loads of photos but will probably be so involved in stuff that I will forget.
Have been a bit distracted over the last couple of days as we are having a few 'traveller' issues locally.

Monday, 25 July 2011

And finally a new Tattoo

After manning a stall selling Tattoos Only magazine at the Essex Tattoo Expo in March Marc promised me a tattoo. Finally Tanya, his gorgeous wife , booked me in. So I had to make a decision about what to have done. I knew that I wanted something with Celtic links as I have a Celtic dog on my right arm and I do find myself drawn to all things Celtic. After a lot of research I decided on a Triskele .
One of my tribal dance teachers, Deana,has one on the back of her neck and mine is based on hers with a little added by Marc.

                          It represents the three ages of women maiden, mother and crone.
I know which phase I am in !!

Linda Miller

Went on an Embroiderers Guild workshop with Linda Miller.
It was on machine embroidery and while I am a fairly confident beginner I struggled a bit on this one. Some people had obviously done a lot more than I had.
I wanted to do a bee as a gift for a work colleague as her name is Mrs Bee 
Lots more practise needed I think.I am always frustrated if I don't pick up a technique quickly and also make the mistake of comparing my work with the tutor who is of course an expert .

Old Friends

After seeing Keith at Brands we met up with him and some of his family for a drink. Old school chum Dawn and her partner Mark came too, Keith and Dawn had not seem each other since school .Thats a long time ago!
                                     Dawn is far right and Keith is between her and I


Been to a couple of bike meetings recently. Hubby was in need ! Have started to look for the next bike purchase but it won't be easy. The bike that hubby wants is not common and some are going for silly money.
Went to Cadwell to watch British Historic Racing (VMCC) a long drive but probably our favourite track so worth the drive
Met up with Gary from the IOM. Sadly no Manx Nortons with For Sale signs on them
Couple of weeks later went to Brands for CRMC meeting. I knew that my old schoolmate Keith Higgs was over from Australia and was racing. He was actually the first person we bumped into on arrival. Also saw Dave Frost another old friend.Some glorious bikes including the Dunnell bikes .Our Triton is a Tony Dunnell bike.

                                                    Us at Cadwell

                                            Dunnell Matchless

Dunnell Manx

Had a laugh over the fact that Keith had been banned on the Saturday of the meeting for using tyre warmers. What is he like ?



Son and daughter in law had their first wedding anniversary and as they were going away to Bath for a couple of days we went out for a meal. Just so happened that the Harvester that we went to was where hubby and I had our wedding reception 36 years before almost to the day. It's changed a bit since then.

            Son and DIL him in his amusing T shirt. Something to do with The Only Way Is Essex

                                                Daughter and SIL

                                                 Hubby and I




Bad me no posts since before half term.
Have had Ofsted at work. Boo
Camping trip went well even if the campsite was more populous than an African refugee camp
Think we gave Jen a good birthday!