Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Beltane Picnic

Managed to attend this years Southend Dolmen Grove Beltane picnic.
What a glorious day it was too. Probably the best,weather wise, so far this year. 
Took hubby ,daughter and grandson along too. I think daughter was a little wary of meeting some of my 'hippy dippy' friends as they are affectionately termed.
For the princely sum of £2 each we got 
Tribal Belly Dancers
Morris Dancers
2 groups

a bargain I think.
Tribal Unity were dancing .Not easy on the uneven ground. They all looked so beautiful and colourful.

Sorry this will appear out of order as obviously the Beltane picnic was before Barefoot

Barefoot 2013

Barefoot 2013 was a pared down event. Initially there wasn't going to be one then it was just a gathering. Only camping and make your own amusements. Gradually it shaped into a proper Barefoot only smaller. No bigtop shows and not so many workshops or traders. The weather was forecast to be mixed so I was a little apprehensive. I was glad of the company of the lovely Lisa for the journey there and back. We had a trouble free journey up there no major queues on M1 just some slowing down here and there. Bumped into a couple of fellow ATS students in the services on the way up there.Actually got there before the gates opened! Set up camp no problem and even had enough energy to go to the Beginners ATS workshop with Denise and Shani. Got picked on to lead them at the end to prove the point that dancers that hadn't met or danced together before could do just that.Was very proud to do so. Got some henna done by the amazing Pauline Qu,is there no end to that lady's talent?This is the henna tattoo after 10 days which I think is pretty good going.


All in all a very relaxing weekend.So glad they went ahead with it as it wouldn't be summer without Barefoot.
Roll on next year.