Sunday, 15 May 2011

Time flies

My how time flies!

After a couple of short weeks at work it was hard to go back to a full 5 days. But now only another 2 till half term, There is a camping trip being planned for the last weekend of half term and camping equipment has been purchased by DD and SIL.
Finding him a sleeping bag was interesting. He's a big guy.
This Saturday I went to a Tribal Belly Dance evening organised by The evening started with a performance by Deana and Helen of  I go to Deana's class on Thursdays.
This was followed by a master-class with Deana. Great fun! After this we had some amazing food.
Sunday saw us at Hadleigh Country Park at the The Pagan Lion & Ancient Mother Circle Beltane Picnic. Watching Tribal Unity dance and of course joining in at the first opportunity. Also some great Morris dancing. Good food good company what more could you ask for?
Happy to report that courtesy of OH's new phone we were able to watch a bit of MotoGP and confirm the result which saw the great Valentino Rossi on the podium for the first time this season. Thought Simoncelli was a trifle harshly dealt with getting a ride through penalty. The governing powers are not being very consistant with their punishments this season.
So another weekend disappears in a few minutes and a weeks work beckons.
Heigh ho such is life