Thursday, 26 February 2009

SPT It's that day again

Self portrait Thursday again.Since I don't like the way I look I have decided that one option open to me is to learn something about Photoshopping and apply this to my self portraits.So what you see above is the original. Below is where I have had a little play around.

I am very interested to have a go at introducing some of this into my textile work.The picture above for example would translate well into fabric. The one below could be an idea for some bleaching or discharge work. Nothing earth shatteringly new about either idea, but new for me.
On the home front hubby and I are attempting to spring clean our lives. This involves sorting out paperwork,getting rid of unwanted stuff like clothes,some furniture and for some reason several items of recording equipment that we have accumulated and don't use. I am not that keen on Ebay or boot sales but some of this stuff is just too good to give away. It is the paperwork that is threatening to engulf us though.Whatever happened to the promise of a paper free world.It just seems to get worse. And then there is the decision of what to keep and how long to keep things for. I don't really like all this grown up stuff!


On a Whimsey said...

Interesting what you can do with Photoshop! Must be the time of year, clearing out ;)

thewildhare said...

I need to get some of that "spring cleaning" inspiration! Maybe after I get my taxes done. LOVE the Photoshop Fun!