Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Trees and Snow

Having purchased a couple of new saws we have tackled the major task that is cutting back our willow tree.We have decided that it has to be done over 2 years as you are not supposed to take any more than 25% of the tree at any one time.The actual cutting went really well and only took a couple of sessions.At this point I would point out that my main job was footing the ladder and jumping out of the way when the big branches dropped. Now comes the more major task of getting rid of it all. The larger stuff is to go to a friend with a wood burning fire. The small stuff has to be chopped up and dumped. Our kindly neighbours ( and next door but one neighbours ) have kindly lent us their green bins,which are actually brown, so we can get quite a lot taken away by the nice men that collect them once a fortnight.

Having got to this stage we then had a fair amount of snow so we were glad to have got the job done

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