Sunday, 1 March 2009

March already

Can't believe it's March already. Where did Jan and Feb go?
Friday night went to a lovely birthday party at Hylands House in Chelmsford.
Apart from the host and hostess (it was her birthday) we only knew one couple there and we last met them about 30 years ago. He used to race motorbikes and my hubby used to watch him.He was good!! We also had a few mutual acquaintances that it was fun to remember. It also turns out that he has a very similar road bike to ours.His is slightly higher spec and a single seater which I don't allow here as it prevents me from riding.
Yesterday I taught a class down at School House Arts.It was Pet Portraits.Smallish class of 5 .Some familiar faces and a couple of new friends which was really nice.
Today we are having a day at home with a little gardening (thats him of course) and a little tidying up (thats me) Have sold and old cupboard that will be collected later making a small hole in the garage to give himself a bit of room for manoeuvre. Bike is due for oil change and belt service which is a big job but we don't want the bike off the road for too long or else the better weather will be here and we will be itching to get out on it.
Meal out tonight at Ask with out quiz team to spend some of our winnings.