Friday, 13 August 2010

Family Tree

Been visiting my cousin Donna for her to help me get started on my family tree. She has done sterling work on Mum's side and with the collaboration of others has got back to some ridiculously early date like 480 or something. Lots of royalty linked up both here and in France.All very interesting stuff.
I am going to start on the Pickard line. A second cousin has apparently got some way so will be contacting him.
We spent some hours today getting started and I left with more questions than answers. I have a feeling that this is par for the course in this hobby.
I have been warned that it could take over my life
Well we will see


CocoBergman said...

Really nice and cozy blog! I totally loove it! ;)

Libertybelle said...

It will take over your life- Good luck!

Libertybelle said...

It will get you hooked- good luck!

Mel said...

Oh yes, family history can really take over. Currently stuck on one line of my ancestors but hoping for a break though when the next census is out.