Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Oh kay where were we on this?
I was quilting Diane's piece based on Australia/Oceania 
I had promised more pics.

                                                          Fabric with her inspiration pic

                                                        Quilting thread

                                                             Background fabric

                                      Better pic of quilting

After handing this one on I received the piece based on India which was Margaret's originally. I think Nickie had quilted this piece and I was dreading getting this one as I loved it and really did not want to cut it up. I decided not to mess around with it too much. I backed it with a rich purple and cut wedge shapes.I did this from the back so that I was not distracted by the patterns. 

                                  This has now been passed on to Diane who has to form it into a vessel.
I now have the piece based on Europe to form into a vessel.
Think this stage may have a bit of an extension on time as Nickie is having a difficult time at the moment.
My thoughts are with her. 

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vintagerockchick said...

Thanks for your comment on the AVG blog - it's always nice to know that it gets read, in spite of my infrequent posts there! Well done on the Patchwork C&G - I'm just finishing my Machine Embroidery C&G.