Saturday, 19 June 2010

Catching up

So much has been happening it is difficult to remember things in the correct chronological order so I shall just list stuff in a stream of consciousness and hope it works out OK.
So to recap.
I went to a hen-night.
My son's fiance's . We did belly dancing with my teacher Wendy and it was great fun.

                         This last pic is Jessica the bride to be.

Two weeks later we had the wedding. Brentwood registry office and then back to a marquee in our back garden. Phil and lodger Nigel had been working tremendously hard to get the house and garden ready for this. Lots of tidying up outside. Lights put up and the kitchen painted to list just a few of the jobs they got done. It was all so worth the effort as the day was absolutely fantastic. Huge credit to Jessica and her organisational skills. 

                                 Look at my boy!

               Happy bride and groom with just the 
corner of Nan Con

Love the way he is looking at her here   
Me attempting to pour a beer under Rob's tuition
Cutting the cake

All in all a fantastic day which we thoroughly enjoyed and hope everyone that attended did too

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Diane Kelsey said...

Sounds like a really good wedding. He really looks like he loves her, lucky girl. Hope they have many years of happiness together.