Monday, 11 May 2009

Mum and babies

Mum and babies
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These just appeared in our back garden the other day. Don't know where they came from. It put us in a bit of a flap as she couldn't get out of the back garden and the road is in the front. Eventually we guided her and babies out of the front and down the road. She seemed quite purposeful as if she knew where she was going so in the end we just let her.I do hope they are all ok. Someone commented on flickr that there have been reports of large broods this year. I think 11 is enough!


Lost in the Forest said...

Aww, a lovely thing to turn up in your back garden. Even if she wasn't very grateful for you showing her the way!

Anonymous said...

i remember yrs ago when i lived just outside london, a mother duck and her little troop of ducklings literally brought traffic to a standstill on the *very* busy road along the river up to hampton court palace!! she took her time and the family plodded across the road from bushy park, to the other side where they all popped down and into the river. normally anything stopping traffic like that would result in beeping horns and swearing from the cars, buses and taxis but everyone just sat there smiling at them and no-one seemed to want to drive on afterwards because they all wanted to watch the family swim away up the river!!