Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories 001
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April entry for Uk Challenge 'Childhood Memories'
You may recognise the pic from my avatar.
It is a shot taken by my father of my cousin David and myself.David lived with his family on a farm in Devon and most years we would go down on holiday.I loved David and followed him everywhere.We even had a pretend wedding at one stage.I think I used to drive him round the bend.David still lives on a farm with his Dad.Uncle Mervyn is entirely responsible for me not being a fussy eater.You didn't dare NOT eat anything down there as it was almost all grown on the farm.Meat included.My Auntie Hilda(Dad's sister) was amazing.She worked so hard. I have seen her turn out huge quantities of food for various functions ie 250 pasties etc
So this childhood memory is of happy family holidays.Sadly many of the family now gone.
Sewn on neutral fabric with neutral thread as I thought it would look nostalgic.Size is 7 by 5 inch.A nod here to my friend Nickie Kimber for the technique


Bigbluebed said...

It is lovely. And such a wonderful memory too.

Chrissie said...

Lovely story,and the sepia tones are perfect for your memories.

brandi milne said...

So pretty ~ thanks for sharing!!