Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Cap'n Ronnie's Cake

Cap'n Ronnie's Cake
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In a moment of lightheadedness I volunteered to make a birthday cake for my cousin's 2 year old son.Party theme was to be pirates and I found a recipe in an Australian Womens Weekly book of childrens party cakes.
First hurdle was the baking.Had to buy a new tin ,fine,found one at the right price in TKMax.Now I am not a great baker so I was a little nervous but that all went well.Trimmed it up and decorated, brilliant,really pleased.
Now all I had to do was to get it from my house to their's.A drive of some 20 mins usually.I decided the safest place for it to travel was in the well of the front passenger seat so I wedged it in and set off.
By now I am shaking.
All I can say is it did wonders for my driving.I have never driven so smoothly before.Braking was done very carefully and in plenty of time.Corners were taken at the correct speed.
Happily it arrived in one piece,a little warm and melting slightly round the edges but fine.


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Moocow said...

bejaysus woman that is an EPIC cake!!

K&S City Girl said...

Lovely cake! My daughter wants to have a treasure hunt theme birthday party, so a cake like this would be perfect. Only problem is that I'm not very good at baking and icing etc.

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