Sunday, 4 September 2011

Summer Holidays

Seems a million years ago since the beginning of the summer holidays and also seems like 5 minutes.
First week went by in a whizz getting ready for Barefoot Camp.
My first time and I was really looking forward to it.
I was not disappointed.
I picked my friend Ruth up and with all our camping stuff piled in my little polo we set off to Wendy's to meet up with our fellow festival goers.
We managed the journey in convoy pretty well but due to traffic issues we took longer than planned and missed the first workshop I had earmarked to go to.
Car park was a bit of a way from camp-site so I hired a wheelbarrow to transfer all of our stuff.
After some negotiation we did manage to set up all together. Our Friday night meal was to be a veggie curry with all of us contributing different dishes. My dish was bombay potato. This worked really well. I think we fed a few extras too.
Friday night was freezing. Nobody slept well. But the two days that followed were truly magical.
I enjoyed the Bollywood/Bangra class the most .
I loved getting a henna tattoo.
The cabaret on Saturday night was awesome.
Everything was so relaxed and the people were all friendly and fantastic.
There were all sorts there all enjoying themselves and getting on.
I can't wait for next year.
The shopping was good too

 Part of our camp with my little tepee

The other side of camp with bottom of flagpole

Was going to post some more pictures but blogger seems to be playing up

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