Monday, 25 July 2011


Been to a couple of bike meetings recently. Hubby was in need ! Have started to look for the next bike purchase but it won't be easy. The bike that hubby wants is not common and some are going for silly money.
Went to Cadwell to watch British Historic Racing (VMCC) a long drive but probably our favourite track so worth the drive
Met up with Gary from the IOM. Sadly no Manx Nortons with For Sale signs on them
Couple of weeks later went to Brands for CRMC meeting. I knew that my old schoolmate Keith Higgs was over from Australia and was racing. He was actually the first person we bumped into on arrival. Also saw Dave Frost another old friend.Some glorious bikes including the Dunnell bikes .Our Triton is a Tony Dunnell bike.

                                                    Us at Cadwell

                                            Dunnell Matchless

Dunnell Manx

Had a laugh over the fact that Keith had been banned on the Saturday of the meeting for using tyre warmers. What is he like ?


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