Tuesday, 20 April 2010

RRC Part 2

I have started working on the fabric that I have received from Diane. Her fabric is based on the continent of Australia/Oceania and her inspiration is this image


It is an image of a piece of rock art.
This is the piece of fabric I received.
I have decided to take the criss cross pattern on the legs as my quilting design and have marked it by hand with a bone marker not being too fussy as to wether the lines were straight and even as I thought that this would reflect the original image better. I purchased a variegated thread to do the quilting with.Details of thread and more pictures to follow.



Anonymous said...

Kantahanan is the home of every song. The word kantahanan is derived from the tagalog words "Kanta" which means "Song" and "Tahanan" which means "Home".

Anonymous said...

I like that alot. Why? Because it is not seen everyday. Very Nice!!!