Saturday, 23 January 2010

Weekend Wish List

Prompted by the wonderful Maisy I have written a weekend wish list. It remains in the lap of the gods whether any,some or all of it gets achieved. Since the last couple of weekends we seemed to have done nothing but eat out we will not be doing any of that hopefully as it is not good for the attempt at healthy eating (to try and lose weight)
So this weekend I hope to
  • Keep up with my 'at least 30 minutes a day exercises.Since Christmas I have been pretty good at this only missing a couple of days.
  • Practise a bit of belly dancing. Had my second lesson this week and now have some music to practise to.I am not sure that I will ever be any good at it but I intend to have good fun trying.
  • Make sure ironing and housework are up to date so when I go back to work on Monday I can forget about it.(Not my favourite thing in the world to do)
  • Help my son and his fiancee move some of their stuff
  • Cut out at least one Clothkit skirt (I bought two) 

On the subject of Clothkits. What a blast from the past. I remember wonderful jackets and dresses when the kids were small. Always such interesting fabrics and excellent quality. Recently purchased and completed a skirt so thought I would order it in another colour. Also added a skirt which was on sale. Very excited when parcel arrived.They are always packaged beautifully too. Very disapointed when there was only one skirt in the parcel. Going on recent experience with other companies my heart sank as I thought I was going to be on to a row with Clothkits. I was so pleasantly surprised when I phoned and immediately spoke to a real person who was so friendly and helpful . My skirt was sitting on the side and they had all been wondering whose it was. It was posted on immediately and I have recieved it safely. Full marks to Clothkits for customer service


debsmuddle said...

I just loved clothkits and made a lot of their stuff up when a teen and twentyear old.

It is great to see a revival. I met the team and told them about Etsy at the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally. I have some adorable giant ric rac and pom poms I need to use not forgetting their distinctive measuring tape ribbon.

YAY for Clothkits and their friendly customer service :)
from Lovealittle

softwaregratisan said...

very nice to read your comments .... hopefully a lesson for us all

softwaregratisan said...

very nice to view your blog .... hopefully a lesson for us

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