Monday, 26 October 2009

Half Term

Yes it's that time already. Bit scary as this is the last break before Christmas. I suppose I should be thinking about getting started on the christmas shopping. Few things lined up for the week. Car in for service this morning. Bank account says ouch.
Tomorrow we are hoping to have a day in London but don't hold your breath. So often we plan these days out and then don't get there. All seems too much aggravation somehow. Maybe we will make it this time. Planning on Camden Market as everyone says I would love it and I have never been.
Later in the week meeting up with Arty and then have a workshop on Saturday which is the second of three with Janet Goddard where we are making a Japanese style quilt. Have some homework on that to catch up with so some time will be spent on that this week. Also have to sort and tidy my sewing room as I am soon moving into my son's old bedroom. This job could take me til past Christmas it's in such a mess.

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