Friday, 12 June 2009

I can't believe I didn't blog about this

How could I be so remiss as to not blog about going to one of the best gigs ever.
I am referrring to the soon to be superstar (if there is any justice in the world) that is Imelda May.
Hubby picked her up first from a Jools Holland programme and from that we watched everything that we could find on U tube. Then we managed to find her album in HMV and what a little gem that turned out to be.
So from then on we were on the lookout to see if she was gigging locally. Low and behold she had a booking at the Colchester Arts Theatre. 4 tickets purchased for us and some friends.
On the night it turned out to be a standing only gig,which we had thought that it would be but I had forgotten and not put on the most sensible shoes. Also only being 4ft 11in I tend to get lost in a crowd.
Support band was Tim Allalone and the 78's who started the evening off in a lively rocking style.
Then on to the main event.
Imelda May was magnificent. Her voice is amazing and I believe she could do any style but what we got was a blend of rockabilly ,blues ,jazz and ballads. The band behind her were one of the tightest I have ever heard .The main guitarist is her husband and apparently is way up there in the rockabilly world. We bopped and sang along and totally wore ourselves out. As hubby put it
" I felt like a teenager again til I woke up in the morning then I felt about 101"
A stonkingly good night!!

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