Sunday, 25 January 2009

Kim Thittichai Hot Textiles

Last weekend Margaret and I tootled off to Hove to do a workshop with Kim Thittichai.
I offered to drive as Margaret seems to do more than her share.I worry when I am going anywhere different but hubby kindly bought me a Sat Nav for Christmas and Margaret had a good idea where it was as her vet lives in Hove.Don't ask but the culprit is Libby her dog.
I fancied a different voice for my sat nav so went on the website and downloaded (for free!) the sultry tones of Joanna Lumley.Imagine her gentle instructions and announcing 'You have reached your destination Darling' Yeah well great idea but as it turned out there was no satellite signal all the way down there.Just shows that you cannot entirely rely on modern technology.All was well though and we found it OK (well done Margaret)We had a fun day playing with Tyvek,Lutrador,Bondaweb , foils etc.

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