Saturday, 27 December 2008

Saturday 27th December

Well that's Christmas done and dusted.Meal out tonight with MIL ,son and girlfriend and her parents looking forward to that,nice not to have to cook.

Christmas was an odd one this year as hubby was on nights.In 20 years of shift work this has never occurred before.Meant that for the most of Christmas day and all of Christmas night I was on my own.Thought I would be fine but wasn't really so won't do that again.Wasn't helped by the fact that just before Christmas I went down with a really heavy cold which laid me out for about 3 days so last minute preparations just did not happen.
Always think about people that I can't be with anymore like my mum and especially my granddaughter.
Did just about manage to get a few bits made for decorations and presents

Little mouse for Jessica

Table runner for Claire and Carlos

Snowman and Penguin for me

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KirstyFish said...

I ADORE that Mouse - you are so talented debs x