Thursday, 9 October 2008

East Exhibition

By June Carroll

By Carol Dixon

Went to Braintree today ,with Margaret to go to the O2 and E.a.s.t exhibitions. Both very interesting. More pieces appealed in the East exhibition.
A couple of beautiful,what I am going to call,memory dresses by Libby Smith incorporating text embroidered on net and newspaper snippets.
Some really interesting work, as usual, by Jeanette Bright on foundlings and Mercy. One piece by Julie Topsfield that I really liked.
Some terrific textured pieces by Carol Dixon and some clever work on maps and journies by June Carroll.Annoyed with myself that I didn't take notes or enough pictures. Did give Margaret and myself time for a good chat and some ideas have been sparked off I think.
Nice lunch in the cafe attached to the museum. Weather was great ! All in all a good day.


Arty Allsorts said...

I hate working - I miss all the good stuff! Glad you had a lovely time, hope to see you soon.

I tagged you - Hope you don't mind :) xx

Deepa said...

Hello debs!
Just leaving a comment to say I've tagged you in questionaire in my blog, have a look for more info :)

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