Friday, 4 July 2008

Friday 4th July

Happy Independance Day to all our US friends.
day2day this week I have bored everyone with pictures of our bike. Ducati 996. Red,Italian,fast and loud. I know I am obsessed with bikes which for a 5o year old woman is a bit sad. In my defence (not that I really think I need to defend myself) bikes have always been a part of my life.
My late father used to race bikes and had bikes on the road.Mum and him went on their honeymoon on a bike. It wasn't planned that way ,Dad had hired/borrowed a car from a mate but on the morning of the wedding he was pulling out of Mum's road and someone ploughed into him and although he was fine the car was totalled. So plans for the Isle of Wight were cancelled and they went down to his sister's farm in Devon on the only transport available to them which was Dad's motorbike. Now this in itself would not have been so bad but it was not even a proper road bike but a Dot 3 speed scrambler. Then they hit a swarm of something on the way down(greenfly or something) It was nearly a very short marriage! They continued to have road bikes until I was on the way.If we still had all of my Dad's old bikes we would be very rich!!
I met my husband because of a motorbike. At the time he was working with my Dad and had bought a racing sidecar outfit. He didn't have anywhere to work on it so Dad offered him our garage, bought him home to show him where it was and the rest is history.
Hubby used to work with bikes and race them before I met him. Although we never got to race that outfit we had road bikes and he briefly raced a Bantam. Mortgage and kids put paid to our biking for nearly 25 years but then the yearning returned. So we bought a classic racer a Tony Dunnell Triton beautiful machine.He paraded it for a couple of years but then moving and Mums illness halted this temporarily. To get more miles in he decided to get another road bike. First we had a 600 Hornet then came the Ducati. I have always wanted one it is my dream bike.
We are never going to do loads of miles on it touring and such so it suits us.
Gosh sorry about that didn't realise this day2day business was going to make me all nostalgic.