Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday 13th June

Passport Cover
Hairbands soon to be listed

Uneasy day on UK etsy thread.I'll say no more.
Had a brief run out on the bike to get petrol. ( while we still could)As hubby works in a power station he should always be OK to get it but you never know.Last time there was a strike/blockade he had a letter to present at petrol stations saying he was an essential worker or something.
Have just got round to taking some photos of things I have had made for a while and just haven't got round to listing on etsy
My resolution for next week is to start applying for jobs.I have had a nice break and its been great but really must get back into the swing.
Confidence not at it's highest though especially since trawling through loads of jobs on the web and honestly not seeing one that I thought I could apply for.My qualifications ,such as they are,probably need updating and I am up for that. I do pick things up pretty quickly but feel that my age is now against me.

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Cara said...

Wow - your hubby is lucky, mines a paramedic, but he didn't get a letter like that! :D Thanks for posting on my blog giveaway too.