Monday, 21 January 2008

Blue Monday

Today is supposed to be Blue Monday strange because I don't feel too bad today.
There has been a lot of blog talk on etsy recently which has made me realise that I have sadly neglected mine since setting it up.
I need to get some links up and running and I will do that.......just as soon as I work out how !!
Creatively not much has been going on recently.I am nearly at the end of a doll making course where I will have completed two clown dolls and a Geisha.Tutored by Julie Topsfield at Southend it has been good fun. Apart from the drive down there.
I have also started a short sketchbook course tutored by reform.I am hampered in this both by my lack of artistic ability and by an astonishing lack of imagination.I really need to find some new hobbies.I have always called myself an artisan rather than an artist.
I feel like making some clothes and also some bags ,watch this space but don't hold your breath.


cutedesigns said...

Nice to see your blog. :)

Helen said...

Doll making sounds like fun! Please show and tell :)